–       Storytelling A new engaging way.

–       Multi platform not just covering bases on digital platforms really taking advantage and using the different platforms for different angles on the narrative.

–       Not cross-medium, It s a large story fractured into component parts, tailored for each platform.

–       Strong context, suspend disbelief to become involved in story


Alison Norrington at TEDx Transmedia 2012

–       Audience investment is key then letting them collaborate.

–       New ways to engage your audience across all platforms

How to Build a Transmedia Story World (2010) – Brent Friedman, Electric Farm Entertainment

–       Customisable, Engagement, deeper level of following

–       Inspiring to take action…Also take social action

–       Transmedia will become a complex behavioural language.

–       Switching audience from being passive observers to active participants

  • Playing – not just for kids as a principle of human interaction
  • Hoaxing – Taking fiction for reality, No such thing a permanent and objective- it is always changing physical dimensions of realities become more real that the old physical world
  • Sharing – The power of the many rather than the weakness of the one
Twice upon a time: Michel Reilhac at TEDxTransmedia2011


–       Play in the gaps in the spaces of story

–       Layers of information, adding to the experience

–       How are they finding out about your story? and how to keep them engaged

–       Gamifiction.


Themes: Feminism, Enviromentalism.


Platform- Theatrics:

  • Mini Doco Clips: “What’s happened to the ‘Beauty’ in your world? Because the novel has strong messages about environmentalism, I want to create a tapestry of mini doco’s that fans can send in and explain and show what has happened environmentally to something in their area.

Platforms- Twitter, FB, Tumbler, & Website:

  • Profiles for Fairy-tale characters- very empowering for woman
  • give them real, fun and relationships.
  • Create personas that will interact with other characters.

Platform -YouTube:

  • Videos Created as a secret recorded diary entry explaining the lead characters history… Later as the character travels time thse will still continue, perhaps even a link on the series screen once filmed as to what      part of the story they were entered. Also twitter hashtags and every webisode has a clip from te beauty in your world campaign.

Platform: Games

  • Online Game: The game world will be developed as a series of worlds that will be unlocked as each film is realised.
  • Wii game:  Self defence classes taught by kick ass princesses

Platform- Netflicks: 

  • Web Trilogy The eventuation point of all the stratergy. Only once the strategy has reached target audience and interest will it be released. This will be helped by videos being made as a plead for funding (by Beauty herself) for her to be unlocked from her world.