“A story can put your whole brain to work”

In this article: What Storytelling Does to Our Brains It explains how we are hard-wired for storytelling; we listen more effectively, emote and learn empathy of experience by another relaying their experience, engage and more importantly remember.

“Personal stories and gossip make up 65% of our conversations.”… I would say with some on social media that number would be creeping toward 90%

So the power that holds in marketing is unfathomable, get someone to care and you have them hooked.

An interesting article on a the game, Ico, being turned into a novel:

“…any video game that can effectively be translated into a book is not pushing the storytelling to its full potential…By their very nature, games change the way we relate to the tales we are no longer hearing but experiencing. It parallels the differences between sympathy and empathy. “That seems sad” versus “I’ve experienced that, and I know how that sadness feels.”


So in my game I aim to turn a highly evocative time spanning novel, into a game.  Does  this work when the shoe is on the other foot? …I say yes… Why?  Because you have the story there:  The bones , the structure and narrative are all planned out and characters are realised.

I think a game can add to,  not detract from the novel. can add beautiful experiences and detail and enhance messages within the storyline. For example the tale of Beauty, her travels take her to various time periods, places and she encounters different challenges in each. She even reaches as far as Hell and another Fairy realm called Ylles.  All these places and times could be expanded and developed through the game.

My concept is just focusing on unravelling the story slowly, the world of chapters 1-3. Two reasons, One, I aim this to a highly fan feed project. Starting the project slowly to gauge how the audience want it to proceed is fun. Number two, the novel is vast… and I am only one person …with a assignment deadline:)